Orlando, The City Beautiful: A guest post from my friend Kristin

Greetings Dears! This is the first guest post in this is my journey, It's from my friend Kristin from www.sippingypsy.com she is a great experienced writer and has wonderful reviews of food and cocktails. I am sure you will enjoy reading this post as I also did. Orlando….The City Beautiful.  Home to millions of people from all over... Continue Reading →

A Night Walk Through Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the most populous municipality and the capital of the Netherlands. It's changed from being the 13th-century village to a widely known center of culture and commerce. I visited Amsterdam as a part of my quick day of How to visit 8 European Countries in 10 days. I was captured by its beauty, especially at... Continue Reading →

A Night Walk Through Paris

As a known fact, everyone knows that Paris is a beautiful city. Even those who haven't visited it in person knows it, they either hear it from others or searched it online. The Eiffel Tower which the symbol of the city is shown more often movies and social media is absolutely eye-catching being the tallest... Continue Reading →

Beauty of Venice

The small Italian city that I've always wanted to visit since I was a child. The different lifestyle that exists there is so interesting and it's a key factor of the huge number of Tourists coming to Venice every year which went up to 3.9 million foreign tourist arrivals between 2011-2015 only as stated by Statista.com The... Continue Reading →

Day 2 In Barcelona

After a long day of walking around Barcelona's most famous areas its time to relax and have some fun. When it comes to relaxation, there is nothing better than going to the beach. Barcelona has more than 10km length of beach area, with various of cheap and expensive hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.. There are various... Continue Reading →

Day 1 In Barcelona

Barcelona, the wonderful Spanish city and the capital of Catalonia that stands out as one of the best European destinations. From beautiful streets and palm trees to amazing beaches. In this post, I am going to talk about some of the best attractions and must sees that I visited in Barcelona. Sagrada Família Sagrada Família... Continue Reading →

Santiago Bernabeu

If you are a Football fan then you must have heard about "Santiago Bernabeu". It is the stadium of One of the biggest football clubs in the world "Real Madrid". For a football fan, especially "Real Madrid" fans, it's a dream to visit this amazing full of historical moments stadium. Nevertheless, if you are a tourist in Madrid... Continue Reading →

Puerta del Sol

Madrid is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is a unique spot where you see a very wide combination of nationalities whether they are coming to Madrid for tourism, to study or to work. In this post, we are going to present the most famous place that you must visit when you... Continue Reading →

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