A Night Walk Through Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the most populous municipality and the capital of the Netherlands. It’s changed from being the 13th-century village to a widely known center of culture and commerce. I visited Amsterdam as a part of my quick day of How to visit 8 European Countries in 10 days. I was captured by its beauty, especially at night.

Damrak River

I see a lot of pictures about Amsterdam on the internet and I’ve seen many even before visiting it. But most of these pictures are overedited and were nothing like I saw with my own eyes. That is why I decided not to edit the pictures or at least not to a point where it exceeds a real-life view.

Amsterdam Central Train Station

Starting my walk from the train station which is located in the heart of the city I passed by Damrak Area. The view of the river with the boats was beautiful and few meters from there, the buildings along the riverside was very catchy. This different in a beautiful way type of europian buildings give the tourists the pleasure of the scenery. Even though the sky was not clear it was still astonishing.

Center of Amsterdam

I noticed that Amsterdam has very colorful and bright streets which brings life to the city especially at night.

Amsterdam streets
Dam Square

There are a wide variety of activities to be done at night like going to theaters, cafes or bars as well as going shopping or having dinner.

Dam Square
Red light district

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16 thoughts on “A Night Walk Through Amsterdam

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  1. Wow! Your pictures have completely swayed my heart. Amsterdam looks stunningly beautiful especially the night views. The streets are so lively and vibrant. Hope to visit this hypnotic place someday! 🙂

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  2. Love your pictures! They capture true Amsterdam, the shiny and bright city, that I always enjoy returning to! There are so many things to see and do, in Amsterdam, I always feel like I have to go back there :))

    Liked by 1 person

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