How To Get To Paris From Beauvais–Tillé Airport

Booking a cheap flight does not always comes flawless and without any problems. If your booking to Paris is set to arrive at Beauvais Airport, then it’s probably because you chose that flight because of it’s amazingly better price than the other airports in Paris. I personally took a flight from Barcelona to Paris Beauvais Airport which cost me 9.99 Euros with Ryanair. I mean, anyone would be happy to see this price, it is much cheaper than taking the long journey bus or train trips and much faster.

The Only turn down of this cheap flights is that the airport is actually far from the desired destination although they are in the same city. Beauvais Airport is around 1.45h away from Paris center and to get there you will probably have to pay more than what you paid for the cheap flight. I want to guide you through this post on how you can do that easily because it kinda gets confusing once you arrive there.

There are two ways to go from Beauvais Airport to Paris Center:

1. Once you arrive to Beauvais Airport, you will see multiple Ticket Machines, you can Purchase these tickets and use them ones at any time you want. They cost around 16 Euros, but more preferable is purchasing the tickets online from their Official website. it costs 15.75 Euros exactly for adults and for anyone who has less than 11 years of his age, it costs 9.75. This is a link to their website: . This is the fastest most comfortable way to get to Paris center (Paris Porte maillot).

2. Nevertheless, you can use the train as well, you gonna have to take a different bus at first from Beauvais Airport (without a ticket booking) to Beauvais center which you pay in the bus (1 Euro), after that you would have to walk about 15 minutes to get to Gare de Beauvais (Beauvais bus station). In the Train station, you have to buy a ticket to Gare du Nord which costs about 11 Euro if you are between (11-25), 14.50 Euro if you are between (26-59) and 7.30 Euro for children between (4-11).

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