Puerta del Sol

Madrid is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is a unique spot where you see a very wide combination of nationalities whether they are coming to Madrid for tourism, to study or to work. In this post, we are going to present the most famous place that you must visit when you are in the Spanish capital.

Puerta del Sol

Originating from one of the gates of the city wall surrounding Madrid in the 15th century, it gains its name which means “The Gate of the Sun”. This Public square which is located in the heart of Madrid’s

Center is an astonishing place full of life. its the busiest and most famous spot in the city. From the moment you enter this square whether you are coming out of one of the many streets that leads to Puerta del Sol

or by exiting from “Sol metro station”, you will be captured by the magical energetic atmosphere no matter it was day or night time.

The square is always fired by brilliant individuals or skillful groups that perform and gather a crowd by a verity of shows.

In one of the streets stretching from Sol

The square is surrounded by a lot of beautiful walk streets which are full restaurants, cafe shops and of both globally known shops and local shops. Well, that is just perfect for everyone.

Ultimately, Puerta del Sol is a place where you can spend your time and chill whether you are alone or accompanied by someone. Make sure you spare a free time to spend a day in the beautiful heart of Madrid 🙂

About the author: Hi, I am Mohammed! A college student with a strong passion for traveling and photography. I am 25 and I’ve been to 9 countries so far hoping to continue a wonderful journey and documenting each special moment of it to share with the rest of the world. If you like this post please leave a comment 🙂

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