Day 2 In Barcelona

After a long day of walking around Barcelona’s most famous areas its time to relax and have some fun. When it comes to relaxation, there is nothing better than going to the beach. Barcelona has more than 10km length of beach area, with various of cheap and expensive hotels, restaurants, shops, etc..

Credit to: Photo via Good Free Photos

There are various of activities to be done in the beach other than swimming, volleyball is played everywhere along the beach, everyone is friendly even if you can not speak Spanish, you can play with people you’ve never met, they are very welcoming and nice.

As football is the most common sport in Spain, there must be a beach football as well. You don’t have to be a pro to play, it’s just very fun both to play and to watch.

Or you can just lay down, grab a cold drink, relax and absorb the sun energy, maybe get a tan 😀

More Photos from Barcelona’s beach:

La Barceloneta
Barcelona’s Beach Up Close

After a nice noon in the beach, you can go to Park de la Ciutadella. You can walk 2km which is about 20 min or you can rent a bicycle. It costs 10 Euros and there are plenty of drop points. The most used by tourists is

It’s not the one in the picture, I just took it randomly 🙂

Bicycle To rent in Barcelona

The park is really beautiful, whether you walk or ride a bike through it, you are going to see ducks, turtles, beautiful palm trees and big monuments. One of the coolest things to see there is Cascada Monumental. As words can give justice to its beauty, I hope pictures will 😀

Cascada Monumental
Cascada Monumental

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