Santiago Bernabeu

If you are a Football fan then you must have heard about “Santiago Bernabeu”. It is the stadium of One of the biggest football clubs in the world “Real Madrid”. For a football fan, especially “Real Madrid” fans, it’s a dream to visit this amazing full of historical moments stadium. Nevertheless, if you are a tourist in Madrid and had no relationship with the widest spread sport around the world, you still will be intrigued to visit “Santiago Bernabeu” as it is one of the main attractions to visit in Madrid.

Santiago Bernabeu at night from outside

The stadium was established in 1947, Since then the stadium has been renovated and expanded many times and currently, it has a seating capacity of 81,044.

This prestigious stadium has hosted many competitions such as Champions League Finals, European Nation’s Cup, and perhaps the most important one,  The 1982 World cup and its final.

Having been on one of the major matches “El Clasico” in the stadium (Final Copa del Ray 2017 between “Real Madrid” and Their rivals “Barcelona“) I can tell that it is not just about the football, it was definitely more than just a football match. The love and enthusiasm I saw and felt were so overwhelming. I’ve never felt that way in any of the events I’ve attended through my past years. The Chants and the joy of the fans of both teams, regarding the result of the match, were so astonishing.. that is why I will never ever forget that experience.

Santiago Bernabeu 15 min before “El Clasico”
Real Madrid wins the match and the Cup

you can take a tour in the Stadium ” Santiago Bernabeu Tours” at any time except match times. As Real Madrid is One of if not the most decorated football club in the world, it is Only normal to see that it has so many trophies that show all the achievements the club made over the years. You can tour The stadium with only 25 Euros.

Fact: Real Madrid was awarded ” Club of the Century” at the year 2000, and it is the highest UEFA Champions League winner with 12 trophies.

Real madrid’s UEFA Champion League Trophies


About the author: Hi, I am Mohammed! A college student with a strong passion for traveling and photography. I am 25 and I’ve been to 9 countries so far hoping to continue a wonderful journey and documenting each special moment of it to share with the rest of the world. If you like this post please leave a comment 🙂


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